photographer Marissa French

Meet Marissa

The job I put the most hours into is mom to my FOUR boys- Rylan, Bane, Maverick, and Rhodes. My husband, Justin, and our little family live in Nashville but our hearts are wherever there is a Disney park.


Some of my favorite things include theme parks, the beach, seeing movies in the theaters, coffee, and Target.


I am on year 14 of being a professional photographer! I love warm vintage tones and capturing emotive details of your family's life together. I offer fresh 48, maternity, and family photography but newborns are what I am the most passionate about.


I thrive in chaos, so no matter how large your crew is, we WILL have a good time. I will make the silliest sounds and act a complete fool, but don't be too embarrassed for me- it's all in good fun. :) Anything to capture your sweet family just how you want to remember them.


Images of my beautiful family below taken by:

Shiloh Colleen Photography in San Diego California

01. Currently Watching?

Queen Charlotte

02. Disney World or Disneyland?

I love them both, so that's tough! I want to visit all the Disney parks around the world!

03. Coffee or Tea?

For sure coffee unless I can have an Alani Nu!

04. What's your dream vacation?

Besides going to all the Disney Parks around the world, My husband's family is from Portugal, so that would be the next bucket list trip!

All You Need To Know About Me

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