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Amelia turns 1 | Nashville Baby Photographer

WHHHHHHYYYYY do babies have to turn one?? I have loved seeing this family every 3 months!!! But there is sunshine after the rain….

Just when I would normally be getting sad about the Baby’s First Year to be coming to an end, I find out that I get to do it all over again starting in Septemeber!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 and not just one baby, this time it’ll be two!! 🙂
Both mom and dad are teachers, so how fitting is this complete setup??? Love it!!

Amelia was so sweet and giggly for our session, I could have just photographed her all day!

Daddy is a football coach, so she seems to be training well for the sidelines 😉

Can’t wait to see you guys again and start the whole Baby’s First Year all over again!!! EKKKKK!!!


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